Abundance Southfields is a community project in the SW18 area of London with the aim of connecting fruit tree owners and volunteer fruit pickers to try and ensure that all the good, local fruit in the area is used.  The concept is the same as the other Abundance groups established around the UK.

The Southfields area has a large number of fruit trees producing huge amounts of fruit in relatively short seasonal bursts which can be overwhelming for the owners of the trees.  Even where the volume of ripening fruit is not massive, some tree owners may simply need help in harvesting fruit that is hard to reach.  At the same time there are plenty of people locally who love to pick and process fruit.  Abundance Southfields tries to coordinate volunteer fruit pickers and the tree owners as well as supply some equipment to help pick, carry and process the fruit.

Tree owners decide how much of the harvest they keep.  The balance is used by the pickers, processed and sold to raise funds for the project or distributed either fresh or processed to charities.  The main point is to avoid food waste.

Abundance Southfields is a fledgeling organisation and we will grow together and become more organised and better equipped over the coming years.  We already have many fruit tree owners 'signed up' and a growing list of pickers to send out.  If you have a tree that needs harvesting or if you know of someone who needs help to pick their fruit then please get in touch through the contact page.  Similarly, if you would like to help harvest or process fruit or if you have an idea to share on how to make good use of it then please do the same.