The Frequently Asked Questions....

From tree owners:
Q. Do I have to give all my fruit away?

A. Nope, you don't have to give us any if you just need help picking it. 
Q. Can I just borrow some of your fruit picking equipment?
A. Probably.  Depends on whether we are using it and how nicely you ask
Q. Will a bunch of fruit-obsessed strangers turn up and trample my garden?
A. Volunteer fruit pickers are generally quite pleasant people who your respect flowerbeds.  We won't bring/send someone that we have not previously met to your house. 

From fruit pickers:
Q. How can I make sure that I am told about a harvest that is being arranged?
A. Sign up to the website and make sure we have your phone number.  We'll email or call when there's work to be done.
Q. Will I be first in line for some fruit if I help pick?
A. You'll be just behind the fruit tree owner.
Q. How can I help arrange more fruit picking in the area?
A. Spread the word about the Abundance project.  Talk to tree owners, residents associations, school bodies and friends.  If you'd like some flyers to pop through letterboxes just email us and you'll get some in the mail.